Finding Classic Pickup Trucks

Buying, restoring and working on classic pickup trucks are a fun hobby and can allow you to bring an amazing tradition back to life. Classic pickup trucks are fun and surprisingly practical as work vehicles even today. Whether you choose to buy one in near perfect condition as a showpiece or take one that was worked hard and worn by time and bring it back to shiny and bright, some great online resources can help you collect classic pickup trucks. Http://www.classicpickups.com/ offers message boards to help you connect with other fans of these great vehicles. You will also find the help you need for restoration projects, both aesthetic and mechanical at sites like this one.

If you are interested in buying your first classic pickup truck, you may want to start by researching possible makes and models. This project will surely be a substantial investment of time and money, so you want to make the choice that best fulfills your dreams of classic pickup trucks. Http://www.classictrucks.com/features/index.html offers reviews of various classic pickup trucks including classic Ford pickup trucks.

Good deals are still available on classic pickup trucks, so you may find that you can have a classic truck of your own for less than you might expect, particularly if you look forward to the work and challenges of restoration.

Classic Ford Pickup Trucks

When many people think of classic pickup trucks, they immediately think of classic Ford pickup trucks. You can find images of many of these great classic Ford pickup trucks at http://trucks.about.com/cs/classicgallery/a/vintage_ford.htm. While most of us think of the truck from the late 1950's and early 1960's as the height of classic Ford pickup trucks, the earliest classic Ford pickup trucks date much earlier than that. You can, in fact, find classic Ford pickup trucks from 1948 onward.

Much of the time, if you buy classic Ford pickup trucks, you will need to do some restoration work. Http://www.macsautoparts.com/ offers a great many parts suited to working on classic Ford pickup trucks and can be a helpful resource as you work on yours. Take the time to talk to other collectors about possible resources and information if you are taking on restoring one of these great classic Ford pickup trucks.

For an in-depth look at one of the most classic of all the classic Ford pickup trucks, take a look at http://auto.howstuffworks.com/1955-ford-f-100-pickup.htm. The 1955 Ford F-100 is very much the image of a traditional 1950's classic pickup truck, and as such may be many collectors' dreams.

Other Models of Classic Pickup Trucks

While you may think of classic Ford pickup trucks first, there are many great classic pickup trucks out there. All of these classic pickup trucks bring memories of simpler times, with nights at the sock hop and shakes at the soda counter. Not surprisingly, one of the big names in classic cars of the mid-20th century is also a big name in terms of classic pickup trucks.

Chevrolet produced some of the most popular classic pickup trucks. Http://www.antiquechevytrucks.com/ offers information on the full array of Chevy classic pickup trucks. The first Chevy and GM pickups were produced in 1947, and classic pickup trucks from the 1950s are among the most popular. Http://www.classicparts.com offers parts for these great classic pickup trucks.

Restoring one of these great classic pickup trucks can simply be with the goal of bringing it back to what it once was, but many collectors enjoy the process of creating something new and modern from classic pickup trucks. Souped up engines, new paint jobs, and comfort based additions to classic pickup trucks can make these once practical work vehicles into modern day hotrods.

Finding Classic Pickup Trucks

So, you have decided you want to consider buying classic pickup trucks. You may find that you get lucky and find the perfect pickup truck locally and easily. Many of these great classic pickup trucks can still be found in rural barns and garages, some in surprisingly good condition. If you have not gotten so lucky and are actively shopping for classic pickup trucks, take advantage of great new resources.

You may be surprised that the same site you shop for all sorts of other things at is also viable for classic pickup trucks. EBay Motors is one great resource for car collectors of all sorts, including classic Ford pickup trucks. Http://www.oldride.com offers classifieds ads for classic vehicles of all sorts, including classic pickup trucks. Do factor in shipping charges or transport charges if needed when buying a classic truck online.

Smart shopping, whether buying locally or online, is critical when shopping for classic pickup trucks. You need to know what you are buying in order to understand the full requirements of restoring your new classic truck to drivable condition. Once you have your very own classic pickup truck, get to work and get that truck ready to enjoy as you drive to the local diner for a root beer float!

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